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About KAFA Magazine NFTs

KAFA Magazine Makes Its Work Immortal to Shed Light on the Future

The covers of KAFA magazine, featuring valuable people, are waiting for you to keep our values alive through the AVAX Blockchain network!

Kafa Magazine NFTs

KAFA's NFT Process

We are proud to be the most read culture, art and literature magazine in Turkey today, on this path we started with our friends in 2014. Valuable writers, illustrators and artists became our companions; We shared our joy, sadness, curiosity and excitement with you, and we continue to do so.

Now, we are stepping into a new world, the world of crypto art, to immortalize the covers of KAFA magazine, which we have prepared with great effort for seven years. We are presenting that unique heritage that you have hung on the walls in your home, room, workplace and the visuals of which you have engraved in your mind, as the NFT collection.

We have adapted your favorite KAFA magazine covers to the NFT world and present them to all collectors through the Avax Blockchain network, one of the most preferred networks in the world, in cooperation with Kalao.

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