KAFA Magazine Makes Its Work Immortal to Shed Light on the Future

Dear NFT Kafası Family,

As you can see, there is volatility in the crypto world these days. These fluctuations have dragged the market down considerably, but despite this, production continues in the Avalanche ecosystem. Crabada has successfully migrated to its subnet. This success attracted the attention of many large projects and the work independent of price performance gained momentum in the Avax network. Many projects are negotiating with Ava Labs for the subnet and many of them have already started working.

On May 28-29, we attended NFT Summit Istanbul, of which we are the media sponsor, along with many projects from the Avax ecosystem. Many of these projects have explained their behind-the-scenes work here. So what we can say is that good days are waiting for Avax NFT projects!

We did not want to ignore the future by watching the current fluctuations. We made our last meetings with Kalao and got our mint date for X. We fixed our price to the dollar rate so that our community would not be affected by price fluctuations. In this case, our selling price will be 75 USD. Our whitelist sale price is 67.5 USD!

We would like to announce to you our paper hand tax system that we have prepared for NFT KAFASI collection. If you’re going to sell your NFT below mint price, dynamic royalties will trigger and royalty will be %30 of the sale price. If you want to sale above mint price royalities will be as usual. These collected tax will be shared with NFT holders. In addition, whitelist holders can receive a maximum of two NFTs.

With these updates, we will be able to remain independent of the Avax price or market trends. We are excited and we are accelerating our work in this process. Despite everything, our energy and enthusiasm are high! There was a really big interest in “NFT Kafası” at all the events we attended. Thank you very much to our community, followers and supporters! Lets join hands and shape the future!

Note: Our sales will be fixed with the Avax rate one day before the mint day and will be realized through Avax.

Kafa Magazine NFTs

KAFA's NFT Process

We are proud to be the most read culture, art and literature magazine in Turkey today, on this path we started with our friends in 2014. Valuable writers, illustrators and artists became our companions; We shared our joy, sadness, curiosity and excitement with you, and we continue to do so.

Now, we are stepping into a new world, the world of crypto art, to immortalize the covers of KAFA magazine, which we have prepared with great effort for seven years. We are presenting that unique heritage that you have hung on the walls in your home, room, workplace and the visuals of which you have engraved in your mind, as the NFT collection.

We have adapted your favorite KAFA magazine covers to the NFT world and present them to all collectors through the Avax Blockchain network, one of the most preferred networks in the world, in cooperation with Kalao.

Drop Count
Mint Date
Sell Price
Whitlist Price



Promotional Campaigns and Partnerships

– Communication on our vision and global approach
– Partnership announcements with global projects
– Rewards for early adaptors


1.580 NFTs from the covers of KAFA magazine are on sale in Kalao!

Sale date: 
Sell Price: 75 USD
Whitelist Sale Price: 67.5 $

Common: 1.320 selected KAFA magazine covers,
Rare: 140 poet posters,
Epic: 70 award-winning covers,
Legendary: 50 Atatürk covers


KAFA magazine NFT project and detail description

Announcing the rights to be granted to NFT owners and promoting them in all digital channels.


Concert or theater ticket for the person who buys at least 5 KAFA NFTs, framed poster signed by the KAFA author.

KAFA SOCITEY CLUB PARTY invitation to NFT owners, right to participate in Baba Sahne show.

Right to attend 2 Workshops per year for NFT holders.

Promotional gifts to 200 lucky people after the sales are completed.


Exclusive and KAFA Society NFT owners exclusive concerts, events, dinners and celebrity meeting events.


Mert Çanga

Project Owner

Ayça Derin Karabulut

Project Director

Ömer Yavuz

Marketing Manager

Efe Bay

Project Concultant

Volkan Gökemre

Art Director

Pınar Aksel

Community Manager

Asya Nur Seyhan

Social Media Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled frequently asked questions about KAFA Magazine and the NFT journey for you.

It is an unique and valuable NFT Project, with only 1.580 pieces engraved on the AVAX
C-Chain network.

You can buy as many as you want, but there are only 1.580 of the KAFA Magazine NFTs!

Purchasing a KAFA Magazine NFT is very simple. After connecting your wallet on the Kalao website, you can buy it from the KAFA magazine NFTs page.

Sale date: X
Sell Price: X
Whitelist Sale Price: X

We made our last meetings with Kalao. We fixed our price to the dollar rate so that our community would not be affected by price fluctuations. In this case, our selling price will be 75 USD. Our whitelist sale price is 67.5 USD!

No, our institutional employees won't have any KAFA magazine NFT's.

You can buy KAFA magazine NFTs using Metamask, Walletconnect and Coinbasewallet on the Kalao website.

You can resell the KAFA Magazine NFTs through the Kalao website or any site that supports the Avax C-Chain network.

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